Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Why SMO is so Vital for Your Business?

Social Media Optimization is very important for any business. With the changing Google updates it has become increasingly difficult to promote a website with a perfect Search engine optimization strategy. However, with the increase in quantity rather than quality, the websites have become victim of Google’s fury.  Therefore, SMO emerged as an important tool to connect to a larger audience.

Various Social Media Sites

You can create interesting Facebook page for your business. You can add interesting information, images and connect to a wider audience. You can also measure the performance of Facebook Business page, Pinterest, Twitter etc. for a specified time period and also keep a track of who visited your website by clicking on the links you posted on Facebook posts.

Apart from posting content, you can also share pictures and videos on various photo sharing and video sharing sits such as instagram, YouTube etc.  

Professional Services

If you want to achieve success in business, it is important to increase your online visibility and connect to a larger audience. Professional internet marketing experts study your business, competitors, analyze competitive keywords and use various SEO and SMO strategies to increase your business. Search engine optimization experts and internet marketing experts constantly work on creating interesting and attractive business pages and profiles.  

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Social Media Optimization and its Benefits

Internet marketing has come a long way. To achieve success in a business, it is important to enhance the brand name and connect with a huge traffic or online visitors. SMO helps in connecting to potential customers and help in growth and development of a business. Websites like Facebook, Google plus, Linkedin, Orkut, Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube etc have been immensely beneficial to many businesses.

SMO Benefits

The SMO has helped many website owners and businesses to explore and enhance business opportunities with the increase in audience. It has helped in promoting the brand name and connecting to relevant customers.

It is an age of digitization and everyone searches for a product, service or a solution to problem online. Therefore, it is important to enhance the web presence to reach out to a wider audience. It will help in connecting to more customers and in turn increase your business. The biggest advantage of using social media platforms for promotions is that, a brand can be promoted globally. You can raise the number of customers from across the globe.

SEO versus SMO

SMO should not be confused with SEO. Search Engine optimization and Social Media Optimization target online visibility. However, they are different as SEO targets search engines while SMO targets the sites and not the search engines.

SEO includes commenting on forums, bookmarking, article writing, Press release posting etc. On page and off page optimization is done to bring a website on top of the search results in the search engines like Google.

SMO services include publishing relevant content on various social media sites. With an effective SMO strategy it is possible to build a large spectrum of potential customers who are genuinely interested in your products or services. It saves your valuable time, money and efforts on trying to reach to people who are not interested to buy your products or avail your services.