Monday, 7 September 2015

4 Reasons Why Custom Web Development Is A Must Have For Your Business

When it comes to launching a business, saving both time and money tend to be ruling factors.  One important facet companies should never be stingy with though is the development of their website.

The Internet, while it presents endless opportunities for digitally marketing your business brand, is littered with countless websites.  In order for your business website to stand apart from all the rest (in a good way), you need a website that not only reflects the true essence of what your business means and offers, but also meets the needs of your consumers, now and in the future.

Here are 4 reasons why custom web development is a must-have for your business, as opposed to standard web templates:

1. Unique From Other Competitors

Mediocre, run-of-the-mill websites just won't cut it these days if you want your business to achieve any level of online success.  In order to grab the attention of online viewers, steer away from prefabricated web templates and utilize custom Web development.

2. Room For Development  Growth

Standard web templates, which are prepackaged, are limited when it comes to design and functionality expansion.  These types of templates are not suitable for businesses who have a need to make future changes that reflect their business goals and needs.  In order to achieve future development goals, companies will need to use custom web design.

3. Customer Retention

With the number of different websites now scattered throughout the Internet, it is crucial to have a website that not only catches the eye of potential customers but is captivating enough to bring back customers again and again.  Having a custom site enables you to throw your own creative curveballs at consumers, in an effort to interest them enough to return time and again and choose your products/services.

4. Optimized For SEO

Working with a professional web developer who is experienced in custom development will be beneficial in terms of optimizing your website for all of the popular search engines.  Using designers who can customize your content and navigation to meet the strict standards laid out by Google is essential to your online business success.  If customers aren't able to find you online, your business is essentially doomed, no matter how nice your website looks.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

4 Benefits of Online Marketing for Small Businesses

When it comes to running a small business these days, owners need to think beyond the scope of having just a brick-and-mortar establishment for the purposes of marketing their products and bringing in profit.  The rapid rate at which digital technology is evolving is astounding and more and more businesses are realizing the potential benefits online marketing can offer for their business. 

Ignoring the powers of online marketing for business success can be a very costly mistake, particularly for small businesses, as bringing in enough sales and doing so on a consistent basis is critical for their survival.

Here are 4 benefits of online marketing for small businesses success:

1. Attracts Online Consumer Attention

Consumers nowadays spend copious amounts of time on the Internet, searching for information on services and products they need.  By having an online presence, small businesses have the ability to cast a wider net in an effort to catch a greater number of customers and increase sales.

2. Saves Money

When it comes to small businesses, both capital and resources tend to be limited.  The benefits of using online marketing helps small business owners by not only generating leads on potential conversions and acquiring new customers, but by saving them money as well.  Online marketing is a far cheaper alternative than traditional means of marketing.

3. Brand Awareness

The business arena is a competitive one.  In order to stand apart from other competitors and to foster a well-connected relationship with consumers, it is imperative for small businesses to utilize online marketing for the purposes of making their brands known.

4.Ability To Compete With Larger Companies

Back in the day, if a large company were to establish their business in an area near that of a small business offering comparable products/services, those small mom and pop shops would have dissolved quickly.  Modern times brought with it online marketing, enabling small businesses the ability to compete with even the largest of corporate giants.

Small businesses that understand the importance online marketing can play on their overall business success and take active steps to incorporate different online marketing methods will successfully rival their competitors and secure a promising future for small business success.  Online marketing is essential for any small business wishing to thrive.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Must Have Facts For Retailers using Mobile And E-Commerce In 2015

It's no secret, e-Commerce is growing every year.  The days of solely using a desktop computer to research, compare and purchase goods/services are long gone.  During these modern times, consumers have evolved in their ways of attaining desired commodities, much thanks to the vast array of web enabled mobile devices on the market.  With much of the population now owning or having access to iPads, smart phones and tablets,consumer online shopping has shifted to an anytime, anywhere purchasing experience.This change in consumer practice means retailers need to step up their game in order to meet consumer needs and demands.

Retailers who understand the following facts with mobile and e-Commerce in 2015 may end up capturing a bigger portion of the consumer market, while in turn achieving bigger profits:

1.Social commerce is a key player in driving consumers right to the front door of the merchant

Advertising platforms offered through social media are ever changing for the better, providing greater sophisticated means of delivering targeted ads and seductive product discovery.Merchants can profit greatly from these social commerce technology advancements.

2.Mobile and e-Commerce use amongst consumers in 2015 is expected to increase rapidly

In August 2014, e-Commerce made the history books, as mobile surpassed desktop for consumer performance.  With retail habits changing and industry steadily growing, now is the perfect time for merchants to invest in fine tuning their brand,ahead of their competitors.

3.  User experience is important

The mobile experience can prove frustrating for the consumer if there are technical issues such as a site that is not optimized for mobile viewing, complicated checkout processes, poor navigation, slow load times etc.Retailers who strive to offer a high level shopping experience for their customers will attract repeat consumers, boost profits and an establish reputability in the industry.

Mobile and e-Commerce in 2015 offers a big window of opportunity for retailers who take note of upcoming consumer trends and adjust their IT strategies to ensure the best possible mobile consumer experience for its customers.  Businesses who adapt to changing consumer preferences will remain relevant, while others will sadly be left behind in the dust.