Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Key Aspect about a Responsive Web Design

The term responsive web design is relatively new in the web design world. A responsive design is a web design idea of mainly focusing on creating sites that gives users an enhanced viewing experience. The features include effortless navigation and reading, and a minimum of browser resizing, scrolling and panning. These features are applicable on all devices from desktops to smart phones.

 A responsive web design also helps businesses build attractive websites to increase their sales by providing a better user experience to potential customers.

The Qualities of a Responsive Web Design

Nirvana Canada offers web services such as building a responsive web design in Vancouver. Responsive web design does not mean mobile web design. There is a clear difference between the two. Mobile web design is sites whose contents have been integrated to help mobile users have a better web experience. While responsive web designs means that the website is build from the beginning to automatically resize into any frames.

When we talk about a responsive design, the quality and image size are prioritized. Web designers take measures to provide clear quality images during the design process, as low-quality image are not appealing in any size. A responsive designed website loads an image faster and this is important for mobile users who have limited bandwidth.

One of the important aspects of responsive typography is the length of the line. A responsive design has smooth and readable texts optimized, based on the width of the screen.

An effective responsive design is achieved by paying extra attention to the specific width of a browser where navigation has to be smooth and efficient to ensure a comfortable user experience. 

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