Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Why Choose Custom Website Development?

There is much debate around whether it's better to go with Web templates, or custom website development for a company website. Both can be viable options depending on a business's needs.

Web templates are well-suited for small startup companies where marketing budgets are slim to none, or the new entrepreneur has limited skills in the area of web design. Web templates are typically low cost, easy to assemble in terms of adding design elements, and development time is shorter than custom development.
So why choose custom website development? Firstly, when it comes to marketing your online business these days you need to be able to stand apart (in a good way) from your competitors. The number of other online businesses out there marketing their company via the digital highway are many and without a professional looking website that is unique to your business, your website may be buried in obscurity, never to be found. 

Here are some additional advantages as to why you may choose custom website development over predesigned templates:


Infusing your website with your company brand and all of your company's traits can best be done through custom website development. Customization enables you to also sculpt your website to match your target audience.


While prefabricated web templates are easily found for use and are inexpensive to attain online, a website developed through customization provides the ability to develop a polished, unique, professional site which typical Web templates cannot provide. Additionally, website templates are often similar in style and design and are recycled for use over and over again, giving off the essence of being cheap looking and mass produced.


All successful online businesses grow over time and their website should be no exception. Custom website development enables companies the ability to incorporate other functionalities and web design features not included in the original site design. Examples of some design elements that could be added down the road could include social media channels, e-Commerce, live chat, etc. With Web templates, many of them were not designed with scaling in mind.


When people think about SEO optimization they usually think "Keywords" and there is more to SEO optimization than this. In order to score good rankings with Google and other search engines, businesses need to consider using custom website development to create unique layouts, content and code. Standard web templates are often preset in terms of fields and because they are used multiple times, they are not viewed as unique by search engines.


Hiring a custom website development company means that you will have access to professional, ongoing support and assistance to address any site concerns you may have. In addition, a professional website company will be able to assist you in updating your website to accommodate future business needs.

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